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Poppy Paint, Pearl (Pearlescent)

Poppy Paint, Pearl (Pearlescent)

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Poppy Paint starter instructions here:

Perfect for cake pops because this paint WILL paint on chocolate and candy melts. Poppy paint dries fast and won't rub off. Works straight out of the bottle. 

If you are not familiar with Poppy Paints or Paint Powders by Sweet Sticks and you want to know which paint is right for you they both have different pros and cons. Poppy Paints dries fast and you can paint layers faster. Paint powders dry slower and you have more time to blend. Poppy Paints contains alcohol and does have an initial strong odor out of the bottle. Paint powders are kosher and do not have that strong smell but you do need to use the activator with is or a high grade of alcohol to mix it with. The colors are also different and in that way each paint has it's place.

What is Poppy Paint?

Poppy Paint is a 100% FDA compliant edible confectionery paint. It is very fast drying, and will not rub off or smudge once set. It was created to be used on chocolate, especially cake pops and other chocolate covered confections; however, it also works great on cookies (including macarons), gumpaste, fondant, royal icing, and candies.

What can a fast drying paint do for me?

A layer of Poppy Paint will dry within seconds, not minutes. This allows you to paint multiple layers and colors in one sitting, instead of having to break it up into small segments over a long period of time!

So it doesn’t rub off…

Because Poppy Paint won’t rub or smudge once dry, there’s no need to worry about messing up your previous work when applying the final details. Also, your paint work will not be blemished if coming in contact with any packaging or container. Cookies and cake pops can be wrapped individually!
In addition to being smudge proof, Poppy Paint also dries waterproof. While this might not sound like much, what it means is that you won’t need to worry about your hands or mouth being dyed when eating treats painted with Poppy Paint. No rainbow-colored tongues or fingers!

While the FDA does not individually approve food products, they do approve or refuse certain ingredients. Color additives used in the US must be certified, by batch, before being approved for use. Each of the ingredients in Poppy Paint are approved for use as food additives, and the colorants used in our paints are all batch certified by the FDA. For more information, please see the links below.

References: “Although FDA does not have premarket approval of food products, it has the authority to approve certain ingredients before they are used in foods. Those include food additives, such as substances added intentionally to food, and color additives.” https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm047470.htm

“Color Certification is a Congressionally mandated program for FDA enforcement of specifications by batch certification of the certifiable color additives that are added to foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices in the United States.”https://www.fda.gov/forindustry/coloradditives/colorcertification/colorcertificationreports/default.htm