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How do you use Pop Up Messages?

Pop up messages create a 3D message in your fondant or modeling chocolate (as shown below).

Roll small amount of fondant out, place on top of pad, roll again and gently remove fondant from acrylic pad. Cut fondant to size to fit project.

If you would like to create a two color effect you can press one color into the letters, scrape off excess fondant and roll top color over acrylic disc to grab color below. This is a technique and will take practice. The fondant has to be sticky enough to grab the top color but not to sticky it stays inside the disc. This is a advanced technique and will take time to learn the correct technique to make this work properly.

Lightly dust acrylic stamp with corn starch if you experience sticking issues. We like to let our fondant breathe for a few minutes before using so it's not as sticky and wet as it might be right out of the package.

Pop up messages are made with acrylic and can be washed with soap and water. Do not soak in water, do not put in dishwasher and do not use harsh chemicals on the acrylic.